There’s Something About Mary . . .

I recently blogged about our paralegal Ellen Williams’ retirement after twenty eight years of outstanding service. Although Ellen is, in our view, irreplaceable, we nevertheless did our best in trying to replace her.

We believe we hit the mark with Mary Jones. In the photograph above she is at the Zonta Club of Auburn Women’s Golf Tournament (which this law firm sponsored).

Mary comes to us with a long history in the “justice business”. She was a paralegal in real estate law for seven years, in bankruptcy law for 5 years, and at the Cayuga County District Attorney’s Office for twelve years. She was also clerk for the Cayuga County Legislature for five years.

We didn’t just plop Mary down in Ellen’s still-warm chair. Mary “shadowed” Ellen for a few months before Ellen retired. Yes, she is still “learning the ropes”, but she’s a fast learner, a self-starter, and we expect her to be fully operational in no time at all.

She’s ahead of the learning curve so far. For example, she worked tirelessly and with great skill to help get me ready for a recent personal injury jury trial I had in Onondaga County.

So, dear clients, you will be hearing from Mary instead of from Ellen from now on. Please welcome her to our team – and to your case. If you have any questions about your case, you can email her at, or call her at the number below.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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