Traumatic Brain Injury Trials Require Advanced Preparation, Central NY Injury Lawyer Says

I have two TBI (traumatic brain injury) cases going to trial early next year. In both cases, the defense claims my clients have suffered no TBI at all, or else it was mild, and resolved long ago. In both cases my clients own physicians and traumatic brain injury specialists have the client totally disabled.

TBI cases are complex and often vigorously defended. Because you can’t “see” a traumatic brain injury, defense lawyers often try to convince the jury that the injured plaintiff does not have it. They try to convince the jury that the symptoms (which can include concentration problems, headache, dizziness or loss of balance, sensory problems, such as blurred vision, ringing in the ears, fatigue, mood changes or mood swings, depression and anxiety fatigue or drowsiness) are being faked, or else stem from pre-existing depression.

So this Central and Syracuse New York personal injury lawyer has already started beefing up. This past March the American Association for Justice hosted a “Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group Meeting“, which I could not attend. BUT, I have ordered the DVD and course materials. They are sitting on my desk, right now, staring at me, just begging to be viewed. As they sit there, I can almost sense the pearls of wisdom from other TBI lawyers emanating from them.

Some folks might say, hey, you aren’t trying those cases till 2013, so why are you getting ready now? Here’s why: After reviewing the medical records and the course materials, I may decide to hire an expert medical professional to examine my clients and then to testify at trial regarding their TBI. That will take some lead time, which I will need to schedule the expert for my trials. The best experts’ calendars fill up quickly. The early bird gets the worm!

Keep safe!

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