Victor NY School Bus Accident; “What Is Going On With All These NY School Bus Accidents?” Asks NY Bus Accident Lawyer.

So here’s another upstate New York school bus accident. This one in Victor. About 9 a.m. this morning, a Victor Central School District bus was stopped on School Street to pick up some students, with its warning lights and stop sign activated, when another Victor school bus, instead of stopping and waiting, tries to go around it, strikes it, then strikes a car stopped and waiting just ahead, and jumps the curb.

Ten people, nine of them children, were taken to local hospitals.

So here was the question I asked of my blog readers earlier today: “What the heck was that second bus driver thinking?” I mean, driving past a stopped school bus is just about the biggest traffic offense out there (that’s why it’s a 5-pointer), but can you believe that a school bus driver would do that?

Well, I got an answer! One of the first responders emailed me this response: “The bus drivers foot actually got stuck and lodged between the gas and the break, and she tried to avoid hitting the other bus by swerving.” Thanks so much for that!

We wish all the kids, parents and driver a speedy recovery. By the way, these injured kids will have plenty of insurance coverage through the school. They need to get to process the “no-fault” claim within 30 days of the accident.To read more details about how that works, see my previous blog posts about the recent Savannah, NY school bus accident here and here.

Keep safe!

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