Bicycling Safety Tips From Your CNY Injury Lawyer

Well, spring is finally here (I think . . .)! Yesterday I pulled the bike (bicycle) out, cleaned it up, lubed the chain, and I’m ready to roll. (That’s me on my bike in the photo!) What about you? Ready to roll?

Before you get out there and become a moving target for distracted drivers, remember these safety tips:

LOCK EYES WITH THOSE GUYS: At intersections and driveways, try to “lock eyes” with motorists to be sure they see you. Don’t assume they see you. Assume you are invisible. Unfortunately, to many motorists, you are!

BRIGHT IS RIGHT: Bright colors please, and blinking rear and front lights, even in the daytime. This MIGHT make them see you!

RIGHT IS RIGHT: Whenever possible ride to the right of traffic but an open-car-door width away from parked cars.

PRACTICE ZEN: No daydreaming allowed on two wheels. Be in the here and now. You need to see everything going on because they won’t see you.

DON’T BE A TOOL, FOLLOW THE RULE: If you follow the rules of the road, drivers will be able to predict what you do. But if you don’t, you may become a hood ornament.

LOSE THE TUNES: Earphones and music are a good idea for a run or a walk, but not for a ride. You need to hear that car approaching from behind. In New York you are required to have at least one ear free while riding a bike (but two ears are better than one).

GO WITH THE FLOW: Some cyclists think that they can and should ride against traffic just like pedestrians or runners. WRONG. Because they are faster than walkers or runners, cicyclists are safest when they ride in the same direction as traffic. Going against traffic is most dangerous at intersections where drivers are looking left for approaching vehicles.

DON’T SURPISE’EM: Hand signals tell motorists what you are going to do. Believe me, you want them to know!

PROTECT YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN: Your brain, of course. Wear a bicycle helmet! Not legally required in New York if you are 14 or over, but highly, highly recommended.

Have fun, and . . . .

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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