What?! A Rochester Tort-Reformer Filing A Frivolous NY Personal Injury Lawsuit?!

As a Central and Syracuse New York personal injury lawyer who takes on only legitimate accident claims, I resent, despise, disown, and spit-in-the-general-direction of all frivolous personal injury lawyers and their frivolous lawsuits. They give my bonafide injury lawsuits a bad name. And they give all legitimate personal injury lawyers a bad name.

Yes, I hate frivolous claims, but I also dislike so-called “tort-reformers”. Most of them have self-interest at heart; they work for or represent big insurance companies or businesses who stand to gain by taking away the little guys’ right to hold big business liable in court for their careless safety shortcuts that injury innocent people. To dupe the public into believing our time-tested tort law is a problem, they blow out of proportion the very few “frivolous lawsuits” that are filed, and try to convince the public that all or nearly all, personal injury lawsuits are frivolous.

So, since I despise frivolous lawsuits, and I also dislike tort-reformers, I should doubly despise and dislike frivolous personal injury lawsuits filed by tort reformers, right? What? A tort reformer filing a frivolous accident lawsuit? Yes, you heard me. An editorial in the New York Daily News the other day criticized conservative Republican New York State Senator James Alesi, a self-proclaimed “tort-reformer” (he represents the Monroe County towns of Chili, East Rochester, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Mendon, Penfield, Perinton, Pittsford, Riga, Rush and Wheatland, and portions of the City of Rochester) for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

And boy was it ever frivolous! Here are the facts: While out looking to buy a home, Alesi and a friend tried to enter a partially built house that was already sold to someone else. Since the door was locked, they looked for, and found, an unlocked basement door. The stairs were not yet built, but they found a ladder that led from the basement to the first floor. Alesi fell and broke his leg while climbing the ladder. He later sued the homeowner (whose home he had basically burglarized!) and the construction company who had left the ladder there.

Alesi’s fellow conservatives so harshly criticized, mocked, disparaged and heckled him for filing the bogus claim that he recently withdrew the case, saying, “I filed the suit without regard to the anxiety that it would cause the homeowners, the builders or the community where we live, and I’m sorry for that”.

He forgot to mention the anxiety his frivolous claim caused me, and other legitimate New York personal injury lawyers.

The New York Daily News editorial concludes that Alesi will “go down in the annals of political hypocrisy”. You can say that again: A so-called tort-reformer who was willing make a few bucks for himself by filing a frivolous claim, but is unwilling to allow accident victims whose lives have been ruined by corporate negligence to file legitimate claims.

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Michael G. Bersani, Esq.
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