What’s The Scariest Thing About Halloween? Central NY Injury Lawyer Explains.

Hey mom and dad: Halloween’s here. Boo! Not really scary, huh? Figured. Hey, I’m a parent, too, and also a Central and Syracuse New York personal injury lawyer. (Scared yet?).

From my experience representing injured people, including injured kids, let me tell you what does not scare me about Halloween: tainted candy, candle fires and child abductions. If you read the newspaper headlines the day after Halloween, you are unlikely to see reports about any of that. That’s because that stuff hardly ever happens.

But I can almost guaranty you will read a headline like this: “Trick-or-Treater struck by car”.

Think about it. Kids in dark “scary” costumes, night-time, criss-crossing the roads to hit up every house, looking into their trick-or-treat bags to see their “stash” as they cross. Maybe some “celebrating” by driver (i.e., drunk). All that makes for a toxic combination. Now thats scary!

How to take the scare out of it? Watch your child (if he or she is young) and give them clear safety instructions if they are older. Make them bring a flashlight, too.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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