Why I Write This Central NY Personal Injury Lawyer Blog.

When I started writing this blog a few years ago, I’ll admit I was fishing for new cases. I figured that since the internet was where more and more potential clients were looking for New York injury lawyers, blogging about New York injury cases would bring those surfers to my portal. They would then pick up the phone, call me, and – voila – a new case!

Well, I was wrong. I have not gotten a substantial number of direct new cases from this blog. Every once in a while, yes, I do get a case from my blog posts. But that’s not a significant part of my intake. I still get most of my cases from my traditional sources: referrals from prior clients, word of mouth, and from a network of very loyal referring attorneys who love our work product.

So why do I keep blogging? Good question. Let me think about that. Hmm. Ok, I have the answer: I have actually come to enjoy it, at least when I’m not too busy with my cases. And I do get a lot of emails about my posts, sometimes from prospective clients, sometimes from other lawyers. I enjoy discussing the issues raised in my blogs with these folks.

Some New York personal injury lawyers post blogs about recent local accidents, hoping that the victims will see the post and hire them. I’ll admit I did that a few times early on. But it didn’t feel right, at least not for me. I felt it was too tacky, too aggressive. It felt too much like ambulance chasing. I’m not saying it is wrong or unethical, but it just is not for me.

So I’ll keep blogging about New York personal injury issues — but not about specific local accidents — when I can find the time. And I hope you will keep reading, when you can find the time. Thanks for that.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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