Why Life In The Country Is More Dangerous Than In The City: Central NY Injury Lawyer Explains

Some things we think we know, even things we feel certain are true, turn out not to be, on closer examination, false. I have come across a recent example of this. I do not believe I have been alone in having assumed, all my life, that it is safer to live in the country than in a big city. Haven’t you, too, always assumed life up here in peaceful Central New York is safer than in those dangerous big cities like New York?

Well, your assumption (and mine) was wrong! A recent study shows that cities are in fact safer than the country. If you think about it, I’ll bet you can guess why. Here’s a hint: It has to do mostly with cars and guns.

Give up?

Ok, I’ll tell you. First, you have to understand that the most common causes of death-by-injury are car crashes and gun accidents. And guess where there are more guns? Yup, in rural areas like upstate New York. Sure, you hear about the gun violence in the big cities. But gun accidents are much more prevalent, per capita, in the country because guns are just so much more numerous there.

And death by car accidents is three times more frequent in rural areas than in cities. That’s because city folks mostly get around by subway or bus and, even if they use cars or taxis, speed limits are a lot lower in the city, so accidents are less deadly than on our country roads.

True, the risk of death by homicide is higher in cities, but not enough to make up for all those car and gun-accident deaths in the country.

Add all this to the fact that, if you are injured, you can get to a good hospital faster in the city than out the country, and you can see why it makes sense that life in big cities is in fact safer than in rural places.

So am I packing up my suitcase and moving to the City where I’ll be safer? No way! I’ll take my chances up here in this dangerous Central New York rural area, where I’ll continue to represent victims of our dangerous way of life, especially car accident victims.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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