Why Michaels Bersani Kalabanka May Be the Greatest Personal Injury Law Firm that Has Ever Seen the Light of Day!

Ok, the headline of this blog was over the top.  Just trying to grab your attention!  If you have read this far, it worked!

But we really are damn good at what we do.  I don’t usually blog about our firm (too modest!).  We like our results to speak for themselves.  (And do they ever:  Check them out here). If you look back at my past blog posts,  you will see they are about cases we have had or changes in personal injury law.  But today I am going to blog about us because I really do believe we hold a very special niche among personal injury law firms in the Syracuse and Central NY area, and perhaps in all upstate NY.

First, we have virtually NO TURNOVER.  The four lawyers on our team are the same four lawyers who were with us back in the year 2000.  We have no “associates” or junior lawyers.  All four of us are seasoned, trial-proven personal injury litigators.  The same goes for our staff.  Becky and Michel, our two legal assistants, have been with Michaels Bersani Kalabanka longer than even two of our lawyers!  After more than 20 years experience, they are top in their field in preparing pleadings, reviewing and analyzing medical records, drafting letters, and just keeping on top of our files.

Second, our client-lawyer relations are unparalleled. If you have a possible personal injury case and you call our office, you don’t get a non-lawyer.  You get a lawyer.  Yes, we actually do the “intake” ourselves.  We believe we are one of the only personal injury law firms in the Syracuse area where you will talk to a REAL lawyer from the get go.  Other firms have staff to “screen” new calls.  Why don’t we?  Because we believe that sometimes there are subtle nuances about the facts of a case that a non-lawyer might overlook. When a non-lawyer fills out an “intake” form and passes it to the lawyer, an important fact might not get to the lawyer’s attention.  He might turn down a case when in fact if he had done the intake himself, he would have seen the value of it.

If you compare the attorney / staff ratio of our firm to any other personal injury firm in the Syracuse area, you will immediately see the difference.  We have MORE LAWYERS THAN STAFF.  Four lawyers and only three staff (two legal assistants and a secretary).  Most personal injury firms have a ratio of about 1 lawyer to 2 or 3 staff.  That’s because they have staff doing all the intake and talking to the clients for them.  With those firms, you will almost never talk to your lawyer.

Over the years, we have had many clients come to us after having initially started their personal injury case with other upstate firms.  One of their complaints about the other firms is usually, “the lawyer never talks to me.  When I call I only get the legal assistant or secretary”.  That simply does not happen here.

Yes, we are different regarding client communications.  We keep a direct line open between the lawyer and the client. We believe that non-lawyers can and do often overlook important information the client provides that might help advance the client’s case.  So we are HANDS ON!

But it’s not just our relationship with our client that is different. Here are some of the other things that make us different:

  • We are one of the only Central NY personal injury firms to have a U.S. News and World ReportBest Law Firms in America” top-tier rating as personal injury and product liability lawyers.
  • One of our lawyers is currently named the number-one “Best Lawyer” for representing personal injury victims in the Syracuse metropolitan area by Best Lawyers in America.
  • We are also top-rated by all the other lawyer-rating services (“AV” by Martindale Hubbell, 10/10 by AVVO. 10/10 by Justia).
  • We have settled or had more 7-figure verdicts than almost any other firm in the area.
  • All four lawyers are members of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Another thing we are proud of is our “team” approach to our cases.  All four lawyers meet for a full morning every other week to discuss our new cases as well as any problems or important decisions that have to be made regarding our other cases.  I can’t emphasis enough how powerful this meeting in ensuring that our new cases get off on the right foot and our older cases are steered in a direction to avoid litigation pitfalls.

If you are a lawyer seeking to refer a personal injury, professional malpractice or product liability case, give us a try!  Even in this era of heavy lawyer advertising, our referring lawyers are still the main source of our case intake. We treat them like gold because to us they are.

If you are someone looking for a personal injury lawyer, give us a call.  You will talk to a real lawyer!

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani

Email me at: bersani@mbk-law.com   I’d love to hear from you!

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