Why This Central New York Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyer Turned Down a TV Interview

It’s nice to win. And this Central and Syracuse New York personal injury and wrongful death lawyer recently won an appeal for the widow of a wrongful death victim in a Syracuse wrongful death lawsuit. The case is about a tragic accidental death that got extensive news coverage all over New York State. I have received phone calls from lawyers from other parts of the country about this case. Some have asked me for copies of my arguments (Brief) in the appeal.

What’s the case about? I am not at liberty to discuss the facts of the case in this blog for reasons I will explain below.

But first let me tell you that this was the second time the appellate court reversed the trial court in this case. Each time, the trial court had thrown my case out, and each time the Appellate Court reversed and reinstated it. I am sure the trial judge did the best he could each time. But the case involves difficult, novel New York wrongful death legal issues, and even I did not know how the Appellate Court would resolve them. I feel fortunate to have won, twice now. And guess what. A third trial court decision is coming, and after that, a third appeal. How do I know? Well, I know I will appeal if I lose, and the defendants will do the same if they lose. It is a big case. Both sides are giving it all they’ve got, fighting tooth and nail.

Now here’s why I can’t give you more facts about this case: After I won this second Appeal, a Syracuse TV reporter called me and asked if she could come out to my office in Auburn and interview me for a News story about the case. I told her, “I’ll check with my client to see”. I did check with my client, the wrongful death victim’s widow. She did not want me to talk to the press. So I called the reporter and said, “no thank you”. And that is why I am not at liberty to tell you about this case. I don’t believe my client would like me too discuss it here, since she did not want me to talk to the press about it.

Would I have rather been on TV? Yes and no. “Yes” because it would have been good publicity for my firm and me, and might have attracted other Central and Syracuse New York personal injury and wrongful death cases to my firm. But “no” because I really don’t like trying my cases in the press, either. I am kind of like my client. I like to keep a low profile and quietly go about seeking justice for my clients.

In any event, the important thing is to respect the client’s wishes. A lawyer has to remember that the client’s interests always come first.

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