Yet Another Grant Ave Car Crash In Sennett New York

We at the Michaels Bersani Kalabanka personal injury law firm know all too well how dangerous Grant Ave. (Route 5) is in Sennett, just outside of our hometown of Auburn, NY. If you don’t believe us, just google “car accident Grant Ave. Sennett New York” and look at the list of reported cases! Why so many?

Well, Grant Ave. is the main thoroughfare between Auburn and Syracuse. There’s way too much traffic, too many commercial parking lots to turn into and out from, and traffic moves way too fast. That’s a dangerous brew, but add to it the fact of life that many drivers just aren’t careful enough, and there you have the explanation.

Many of the car accident cases we handle happen right here in nearby Sennett on Grant Ave. In fact, we just settled a motorcycle-car collision case that took place on Grant Ave. at the intersection with the Wallmart parking lot.

Today’s paper describes yet another car accident on Grant Ave.: A four-car collision at around 8:55 a.m. near Gates Road. Cayuga County deputy sheriffs say a white car was traveling east when it sideswiped a westbound car, and then rear-ended a second car before crashing head-on into a third. Apparently, the driver of the white car and the driver of the car it hit head-on both suffered injuries requiring hospitalization.

This kind of accident is totally avoidable. Please everyone, be extra careful when driving on Grant Ave! Drive defensively because others drive offensively!

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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