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I’ve been settling my New York personal injury cases here in the Syracuse area for what some of my colleagues see as larger than normal numbers.  It seems I don’t have to try as many cases these days because the insurance carriers want to pay me to go away before we get to trial.  My […]

  We are proud to announce that once again all four lawyers in the Michaels & Smolak team have been selected by other New York lawyers and New York judges for inclusion in “Best Lawyers in America”. The 2020 edition of the publication names all four partners, Lee Michaels, Jan Smolak, Mike Bersani, and Dave […]

In this Syracuse NY Injury lawyer’s last blog post, I talked about how, in most cases, a New York personal injury victim will end up with a much larger settlement with a lawyer than without one.  The problem with “going it alone” is that insurance companies will generally “low ball” you an offer, hoping you […]

Here at Michaels & Smolak, on any given day, you are likely to find, on our attorneys’ desks, piles of dog-eared, highlighted, and marked-up volumes of the New York Jury Verdict Reporter. The Reporter summarizes jury verdicts on a weekly basis from around New York State. (Actually, this publication is now called “VerdictSearch“, but old-timers […]

Monday I was scheduled to try a Seneca County NY motorcycle accident case in the Seneca County Courthouse in Waterloo. But as often happens, the case settled on the eve of trial, in this case Sunday afternoon. Why do personal injury cases settle so late in the game, after the attorneys have put so much […]

Nothing brings Auburn and Cayuga County, NY, together like an attack from outside forces. Just as the ancient Greek city-states came together to fend off attacks from their ancient common enemy, Persia, all of Auburn and Cayuga County recently united to fend off an attack by the National Texas-based Boy Scouts of America. And Michaels […]

Today’s Syracuse Post Standard reported on a study published in the journal Pediatrics concluding that, in the U.S.A., a child dies in a portable pool every 5 days during the summer months. Ninety four percent of the victims are under 5. Drowning is the second-leading cause of death among young children. (The first is car […]

Today’s Syracuse Post Standard reports on a seven-million dollar investment by the owners of the Darien Lake Resort to expand the amusement park this spring, adding new water-based rides and other attractions, and splitting Darien Lake into two much larger amusement parks. The Florida-based corporate owner of Darien Lake christened the new expanded water park […]

Today Community General Hospital in Syracuse, New York, opened its new $7.6 million orthopedics unit. The new unit, located on the hospital’s sixth floor, will care for patients recuperating from knee, hip (including hip and knee replacements) and spine surgery. The Hospital’s old orthopedics unit on the fourth floor provided insufficient space, as the orthopedic […]

I recently posted a blog entitled “Why Upstate New York Verdicts Are Much Smaller than Downstate” . I explained that New York City juries tended to be more generous than upstate juries because big-city dwellers generally tend to be “socially” oriented while rural people are more “self-sufficiency” oriented. One thing I did not mention in […]

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