Safe Year For Snowmobiling In Central New York?

Although Central New York has been blanketed with the white stuff since back at the beginning of December, it has been a quiet season for snowmobile accidents. In an average year, there are between 300 and 400 snowmobile accidents in New York State, with about 25 fatal ones. I could be wrong, but I think New York snowmobile accidents are down this year, and that’s good. I say this because I have read about only one minor sled accident this year, and that’s unusual.

The one reported snowmobile accident was on January 9, in West Turin, Lewis County. Two snowmobilers going too fast lost control of their sled at a curve near Smith Road, careened down a steep embankment, and received minor injuries.

The decrease in snowmobile accidents this year could be due to one of three things (or a combination of all three!): (1) less snowmobiling (high gas prices?); (2) dumb luck; or (3) snowmobilers are finally embracing the safe snowmobile practices endorsed by law enforcement, as well as this Central and Syracuse New York snowmobile accident lawyer. Click the link to see my snowmobile safety tips.

Snowmobilers, don’t rely on dumb luck. Follow my safety tips!

Keep safe!

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