Central And Syracuse NY Auto Accident Lawyer On Road-Rage Homicide Guilty Plea

I guess some folks are just born mean, grow meaner, and keep on being mean right through old age. A little over a year ago, an 80-year-old mean-to-the-bone guy from Fulton, William L. LeVea, got drunk, jumped in his car, found a reason to get enraged at another motorist, and then hunted that motorist down, repeatedly ramming him from behind until the poor guy lost control and swerved into the lane of an oncoming motorist. The bullied motorist died from the collision, and the oncoming motorist got seriously injury. I blogged about the case last year (click here to see). The Central and Syracuse New York auto accident lawyers of Michaels Bersani Kalabanka, led by attorney David Kalabanka, represented the oncoming motorist in the motor vehicle accident case.

LeVea’s victims, and their families, can breathe a sigh of relief today — LeVea finally pleaded guilty to the road-rage related charges, including aggravated vehicular homicide, and will get six to eighteen years in jail. He will be sentenced on March 2.

Goodbye and good riddens Mr. LeVeal. I hope you (don’t) enjoy your last years rotting in a State prison. By the way, your victims and their families will oppose any request you ever make for early release, so unless you have the longevity of a sea turtle, you might as well order your casket special delivery to the prison.

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