New York Personal Injury Lawyers MUST Read Their Clients’ Medical Records

Boring. That’s what reading medical records is. I’ve been reading and re-reading 15 years of medical records for a client whose case I am trying in a few weeks. Cup of coffee? Yes, Thanks. Yes, boring. Dry. Dull. It’s a sure fire insomnia cure. So why do I do it?

Necessary. This is one job that can’t be delegated to a paralegal or associate. If you are a New York personal injury lawyer, and you are going to try your client’s injury case, you have to know, almost by memory, the medical records. And that means you have to read and re-read them. No shortcuts.

Your paralegal might give you a nice summary, or might highlight important entries. But if you are trying the case, you simply have to read them. Absorb them. Know them. Imbedded in these records is the story of your client’s injury, which you must bring to life before the jury’s eyes.

Especially where you are claiming an aggravation of a pre-existing condition, you simply can’t afford to have any entries regarding the old injury come up as a surprise at trial. If you are not ready for them, they can bite you in the . . . .

I think I’ll grab another cup of coffee , , ,

Keep safe!

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