Central New York Injury Lawyer Heads For Vacation

Guess what? Your Central and Syracuse New York Accident lawyer/blogger has a life (I mean, outside of law). So for today’s blog, I am giving my readers a peek at my life.

I love children, all children really, but especially my own. Here’s a picture of me volunteering with Boys & Girls Club kids in Geneva — taking them all for a swim (I do this Friday’s after work from November through May).

Now below is a picture of me with my own kids. These kids (Sebastian, 15, and Nico, almost 13) are the best kids on the planet (am I biased?), and not only that, they are stellar students. They became top-notch readers when they found the Harry Potter series years ago. So we are big-time indebted to Harry and his pals.

Ever since Universal Studios opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the boys have been just dying to go. And my wife Alejandra and I have been dying to take them. But it is just too jam-packed with other kids during the school holidays.

Solution? Take them when other kids are in school. Play hooky. Break the law (a little)! It’s their reward for many years of stellar academics, and just being great kids.
Universal Studios here we come! Yes, we are playing hooky! Yes, they will miss school for a week! Yes, we have got the assignments with us!

I won’t be blogging for the week. Until we meet again, fellow muggles . . . .

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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