Excuse Me, But Shouldn’t We Be Required To SEE To Get A Driver’s License?

Ok. Maybe I’m just a little picky. But I want people who drive down roads, at lease ones my family and I frequent, to be able to see. This might be due to a professional bias — I am a Central and Syracuse NY car accident lawyer who actually knows, loves, and has represented, many victims of Central New York car crashes.

Yeah, I know, I’m just a chronic complainer, at least that’s what the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must think of me. I assume that’s the case because, according to a new DMV proposed regulation, you don’t even have to prove you can see to get your driver’s license renewed in New York. Under the DMV plan, drivers would merely have to “certify” that they meet vision requirements. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house . . .

But not so fast DMV. Apparently, I’m not the only picky guy in town. Your decision to toss out the vision test requirement is under fire. County clerks and state legislators are aghast. When they read the news, they must have questioned their own eyesight. They then scratched their heads and heaved a collective, “WHAT??!!! The noise then reached the Governor’s office, which announced Friday it will ask doctors to review the plan.

The DMV claims its decision was not “blindly” undertaken, but rather was reached because there is “no evidence that links poor performance on an eye test to getting into accidents”. This sriikes me as odd, to say the least. I mean, if you can’t see that pedestrian at 100 feet, how are you going to stop for her?

I suppose there is also no evidence that going to law school actually makes you a better lawyer. But — here I go again –call me old fashioned — wouldn’t you rather have a law school graduate represent you?

Amazingly, six states already allow license renewals without eye exams. If you ask me, those states need to have their eyes — and brains — examined.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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