Central New New York Injury Lawyer asks, Will Catholic Church Bring to Justice “Those Responsible for Child Sexual Abuse”?

Today I received an email with the photograph depicted here as a “joke”. It is clever for sure, but no laughing matter for those who have been victimized by Catholic priest sexual abuse.

I also read in several media reports today that Pope Benedict XVI met with Catholic Church sex-abuse victims on the island of Malta and promised them, tearfully, that the Catholic Church would “seek justice for pedophile priests” and take “effective measures” to protect kids from future abuse. The Pope prayed with these abused children-turned-adults and assured them that the Church was doing, and will do, “all in its power to investigate allegations, to “BRING TO JUSTICE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ABUSE”. The Vatican offered no details of what measures it would take to carry this out.

But here’s the key question in my mind: Will the Vatican bring ITSELF to “justice”? After all, who are those most “responsible for abuse”, the priests with unfortunate pedophilic desires so strong that recidivism is almost a given, or the passionless Church hierarchy who knowingly, deliberately, and cold-heartedly covered all this abuse up, shuffling sexual predators from parish to parish, and even from country to country, where they could resume their violence upon innocent children?

And this question comes from a former altar boy.

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