Central New York Injury Lawyer Finshes Up Trial

I just finished trying a case in Federal Court in Syracuse. It was an unusual case for me. I normally try only New York personal injury cases. But in this trial I represented a fellow lawyer who got fired from her job as Cayuga County Assistant Attorney. We claimed she was fired in retaliation for taking time off under the Family & Medical Leave Act, which would be illegal. Her employer claimed she was fired for job performance issues. I won’t have a result for several months; the judge reserved decision.

As with any trial, I put everything I had into it. I took this photo after I had delivered my “blizzard” of exhibits to the Courtroom tables. I had to put together and manage about 125 exhibits. I called about 10 witnesses to the stand — several of them fellow Cayuga County attorneys — and cross-examined almost as many. It was a busy trial!

Whatever the result, I am proud of the job I did. My client was pleased with my courtroom performance, as was my “second chair”, retired Cayuga County Judge Peter Corning. Judge Corning had handled the case through discovery, and then asked me, with the client’s consent, to try it for him.

I am especially proud that a retired Judge whom I have appeared before countless times selected me to try this case for him. I am also proud that a fellow lawyer wanted me to represent her in Court. There is no higher honor for a lawyer than being a lawyer’s lawyer.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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