A Future Free of Car Accidents? CNY Car Accident Lawyer’s Prediction.

I sometimes tell people that safe driving would drive me out of business. As a New York car accident lawyer, someone’s negligent driving puts bread on my table. Now isn’t that just sick?

Sure it is, which is why I am perfectly prepared to move into another line of work should motor vehicle accidents ever become a thing of the past. I’m tired of seeing good people get crushed and mangled, or worse, in avoidable accidents. I am tired of seeing my clients pay the price of someone else’s negligence.

And, believe it or not, car accidents most likely WILL become a thing of the past someday soon. By the end of the decade, the typical American vehicle will be navigating as part of a network, constantly sharing information as it travels via transmitters. Your car will have a brain, and one that doesn’t get distracted like human brains. Your car’s brain will monitor your blind spots and warn you when you start to veer out of your lane. Sophisticated sensors, lasers and cameras will scan the road like electronic eyes.

But the wireless technology will go even further, allowing your car not only to “talk” to other cars (The car in front of you will shoot a message, “brake lights on”, to your car) but to communicate with the road itself, and with traffic lights. See that curve up ahead? It will send a signal to your car, “hey, I’m here”. See that traffic light ahead? It will beam a message to your car, as you approach, “stop, red light”.

Go ahead, future. Blast this Central New York car accident lawyer’s business to smithereens. No, don’t worry about ME. In a few years I hope to have no car accidents to blog about. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of other types of injury cases out there . . . .

Check out this video for a peek into the future:

Keep safe!

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