Central NY Bicycle Accident Lawyer’s Fall Foliage Safety Tips

This past week I put in about 100 miles on my bicycle. And it wasn’t enough! Why? Because I just could not get enough of all these marvelous Central New York fall colors.

Take a look at these recent fall photos on the Syracuse Post Standard webpage. Wow!

As a Central New York and Syracuse area bicycle accident lawyer, I appreciate safe bicycling practices. I am watching for wet leaves on the road, which can cause me to slip, skid and fall over. I am also wary of “leafers” – motorists who are out on our scenic country roads looking at the foliage. If they are looking at leaves, they won’t be looking at me! As I have blogged about before, motorists often simply fail to see bicyclists. This is obviously even a greater danger when there is such an abundance of spectacular colors to distract them.

So fellow cyclists: Yes, get out there and enjoy the beautiful, Central New York fall foliage. But be on the lookout for two fall dangers: wet leaves and distracted drivers.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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