Central New York Injury Lawyer’s Halloween Safety Quiz

Here’s a little Halloween quiz from your Central New York personal injury lawyer: What are the three most common childhood Halloween injuries? If your answer included the word “candy”, you were wrong (hey, you aren’t alone — I would have thought so, too).

Actually, the most common types of injures seen in emergency rooms across this spooky land on October 31, according to the American Association of Pediatrics, are: (1) Eye injuries from sharp objects, (2) burn injuries from flammable costumes and (3) traumatic injuries from collisions with vehicles.

Are you spooked yet? Now that we know the scary injuries, let’s talk about how to avoid them.

First and cardinal rule: Adult supervision. What? I can’t just push the kids out the door and enjoy a glass of chardonnay while they trick-or-treat? No, you can’t (unless you have a partner willing to walk the kids around for you).

And here are some more safety tips from the American Association of Pediatrics:

• Buy only flame-resistant costumes and wigs.
• Swords, sticks, pitch forks, etc., should be blunt and short (not long or pointed).
• Masks should be discouraged since they impair a child’s view. Try to “sell” your kids on makeup instead.
• Flashlights are a good idea – cars see them!
• Finally, yes, do check the candy, especially unwrapped items, but remember that candy tampering and poisoning are rare. You just think it is common because news reporters love to report the rare instances when it occurs.

And, oh, I almost forgot — if you are a dad like me, and you insist on a 10% “candy inspection commission”, don that helmet and shield to absorb impact from your kid’s sword or pitchfork.

Be safe on Halloween!

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