Crazy Lawsuit. Or Not . . .??? Just Ask Mickey Mouse . . .

Extra, extra read all about it: West Virginia woman files lawsuit against Walt Disney Corporation claiming Disney planted a rubber chip in her body without her knowledge or consent!

She filed the complaint last month in Kanawha Circuit Court, West Virginia. The lady is seeking for monetary damages and for the chip to be removed from her body. Can you blame her?

She is representing herself.

You might be thinking “frivolous lawsuit”! You’d be wrong. This is not a frivolous lawsuit. It is a crazy lawsuit. The difference is that in a frivolous lawsuit something happened to the plaintiff, but it really should not be the grounds for suit, while in a crazy lawsuit, nothing happened to the plaintiff, except in her head.

I tell this story to point out a truth about our legal system: Anyone can sue for anything. If the suit has no merit, it will later get dismissed. But actually filing a lawsuit is easy. Any crazy can do it. No police officer or court attendant stands at the courthouse checking to see whether lawsuits being filed are frivolous or crazy.

But wait. There is a possibility – no matter how remote – that I am wrong about this Disney suit. One has to keep an open mind. Maybe I am the crazy one and the West Virginia woman is not. After all, some weird stuff does go down in Disney. For example, last time I was there a dwarf (there were seven of them) asked me for my ticket while I waited for the Space Mountain ride. Then I saw a human-sized talking mouse walk by! Weird? Well, who’s to say that some space alien employed by Disney did not in fact plant a rubber chip in this poor West Virginian’s body? Par for the course in Disney.

Hey, maybe I’ll call that West Virginia woman and ask her if she wants me to represent her. In Disney terms, I’d be her Knight in Shinning Armor.

Naa. I think I’ll pass . . ..

Keep safe .. and sane!

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