A Wrongful Death Case That Will Make You Weap . . .

Warning: This is a sad story.

A man’s 16-year old daughter was killed when her car veered off a bridge, overturned, and flipped into a creek. After the accident, the authorities agreed to install a guardrail on the bridge to prevent similar tragedies.

Thirty days went by and still no guardrail. The grieving father – who could not stand the sight of the unprotected bridge – decided to take matters into his own hands. He began to build a temporary guardrail. As he was in the act of doing so, the authorities asked him to stop. He refused. He just could not stand to see another car go by unprotected.

He was arrested for “interfering with government property” and had to post $5,000 bail to stay out of jail. After posting bail, the father gave a brief interview to a TV camera. His statements are so poignant as bring tears to your eyes. He holds no grudge against the arresting officer: “The officer had to do his job, and as a father, I had to do mine”, the man said. “All I wanted to do was save lives. When you’re a grieving parent, when you’ve lost your child, you do what you’ve got to do.”

Who can blame him?

Hey you police officers, give the guy a break. Install that guardrail right away, give this grieving dad his bail money back, and drop all charges.

Keep safe!

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