Driver Distraction Caused Minetto NY Car-On-Mororcycle Crash

I was right. In my last blog post I discussed the Minetto car-on-motorcycle collision. The car had drifted over into the motorcycle’s lane of travel and collided with it. In my blog post, I said “my guess as to why this young driver crossed over? Driver distraction”. I explained that, as a New York car and motorcycle accident lawyer, I have been representing more and more victims of distracted driver-related accidents, mostly caused by drivers texting or dialing while driving.

Well, on Friday the Syracuse Post Standard reported that the driver of the car had just received a text message and was looking for a pen to write with when she crossed over into the oncoming lane and crashed with the motorcyclist.

Moral of the story? Keep your eyes on the road, and off your cell phone, or other electronic device.

Keep safe!

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