Emerson Park, Owasco, NY, Third of July Car-On-Pedestrian Collision

Owasco, New York’s Emerson Park tradition of Third of July music followed by fireworks ended on a sour note this year. As pedestrians exiting the festivities were walking along Owasco Road toward Auburn after the fireworks at about 10:15, seven of them were struck by a car that was pushed into them by a pick-up truck. Thankfully, none of the injuries appear very serious. The victims were brought to Auburn Memorial or University Hospital in Syracuse. The drivers of both vehicles were young (only 19 years old).

We hope all the victims make a speedy and complete recovery. As an Auburn New York car accident lawyer, I am curious to know more about how this accident happened, and which vehicle’s insurance will pick up the tab for the medical bills and any lost wages (“no-fault insurance”). Also, if any of the victims have a fractured bone, or an injury that keeps them out of work for more than 90 days, or that causes a long-term partial loss of use of a part of their body, they will likely qualify for “liability” coverage from one or both vehicles’ insurance.

Will these young drivers have enough auto insurance to cover all these injuries? Most young people buy the cheapest insurance – which covers only $25,000 per injury/$50,000 per accident. Although the injuries appear modest, the policies could soon be depleted because so many were injured. On the other hand, under New York law, the owner of the at-fault vehicle is also liable, and those owners may turn out to be well-to-do parents (one of the vehicles was a Volvo), who might have significantly higher liability coverage limits.

Our advice to the victims? Call an Auburn New York car accident lawyer soon so that the insurance limits, and other important issues, are investigated as soon as possible. And get well soon!

Keep safe!

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