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Five Deadly Mistakes You Can, And Probably Will, Make If You Try To Settle Your Personal Injury Case Without A Lawyer, PART II.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for checklist.jpgThis is the second part of the 5-part blog series about the pitfalls of trying to settle your own New York personal injury claim without a lawyer. Here’s pitfall number 2:

2. DON’T SETTLE TOO SOON. Would you buy a house without carefully examining every room? Of course not. So why would you settle a case without having walked through every “room” of your injury? If you are still having problems, still hurting, still getting medical treatment, then you still have not visited the “rooms” of your injury that await you in the future. What will your body feel like in a year? Will you have a permanent limitation? Will you need surgery? You haven’t visited those “rooms” yet. You can’t visit those “rooms” until you let your injury “play itself out”, and this may take longer than a year, especially if you are seriously injured. In most cases the New York personal injury statute of limitations is 3 years (but this can vary, which is another reason why you need a New York personal injury lawyer!).


Stay tuned for Part III.

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