Five Deadly Mistakes You Can, And Probably Will, Make If You Try To Settle Your Personal Injury Case Without A Lawyer, PART III.

This is the third part of the 5-part blog series about the pitfalls of trying to settle your own New York personal injury claim without a lawyer. Here’s pitfall number 3:

3. DON’T BELIEVE THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER WANTS TO HELP YOU. She (or he) doesn’t. She wants to get you to settle for as little as possible, fairness be damned. Her job, especially if she knows you have no lawyer, is to try to get you to sign something called a “release”, which puts the nails in the coffin of your case, for peanuts. The adjuster might seem nice, friendly, kind. And maybe she is, in real life. But this is not real life. This is business. And her business, sorry to be so blunt, is to screw you.

Don’t befriend her. Figure out what your claim is worth and convince her to pay you that amount, and if she won’t, tell her you will hire an experienced New York personal injury lawyer to get it in court (problem: She probably won’t believe you, though, since you have managed to avoid hiring a lawyer up to this point).


Stay tuned for Part IV.

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