Geneva and Canandaigua NY Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Recent Car Accidents

Holy Kamoli! Lots of car accidents reported in Sunday’s Geneva Finger Lakes Times. Here are three: A car blew past a stop sign in Hopewell causing a motorcycle to run into its side, ejecting the biker. In another Hopewell car accident, a woman pulled out from a stop sign without looking carefully, causing a car coming through the intersection to collide into her. And in a Canandaigua car crash, four vehicles (four!) were involved in a chain-rear-end collision on Routes 5 & 20.

Actually, these kinds of car accidents are all too typical. As a Geneva and Canandaigua New York car accident lawyer, I can tell you that 70 to 80 percent of my New York auto accident case load consists of either drivers failing to yield the right of way at stop signs, or drivers rear-ending the car in front.

The only somewhat unusual accident of these three is the four-vehicle chain rear-end crash. This is somewhat unusual during the summer and fall months with the good weather we have been having. Usually this kind of multi-vehicle rear-end collision happens in icy or foggy conditions where motorists are just driving too fast for those conditions. In fact, I am handling one right now, a Yates County collision involving four cars rear-ending one another in wintery conditions.

I don’t remember any foggy or slippery conditions in the last few days, so the Canandaigua four-way rear-end collision has only two possible causes: The drivers involved either (1) were not paying attention (cell phones? Texting?) or (2) were following too closely. There really are no other possible explanations. A careful driver leaves enough space between his vehicle and the car in front so that he can easily stop in time, even if the front vehicle slams on the brakes. And a careful driver is always looking ahead, never at his phone or other device.

Keep safe on the road! Don’t follow too close, and look where you are going.

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