Hot Coffee — A Must-See Documentary About The (In)Famous McDonald’s Case

When folks find out I am a New York personal injury lawyer, it doesn’t take them long to ask me, usually with a snide grin on their face, about the McDonald’s case. The undercurrent of the question, no matter how it is posed, is something like this: “You scumbag personal injury lawyers sure know how to milk the system, tricking juries into raining huge piles of money on undeserving clients.” Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but you get the point.

That one case has done more to tarnish personal injury lawyers than any other in history. Late night comics have had a field day with the case. To conservative politicians and their insurance-company/big-business lobbyists, it has been the poster child for everything wrong with personal injury lawsuits and our civil justice system.

But all of this was actually the result of a deliberate misinformation campaign by corporate America to undermine the civil justice system. I know you won’t believe this (yet), but the case actually showcases everything that is right about our civil justice system. A recent documentary spotlights the McDonald’s case, and shows how corporate America distorted its true meaning. Skeptical? Don’t believe your mind has been manipulated about that case? See the new documentary, Hot Coffee, which premieres on HBO June 27. You can see the trailer below. See it, then watch the film, then email me and tell me what you think.



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