Auburn New York Personal Injury Lawyers Move!

Your favorite (we hope) Central New York personal injury lawyers are moving! Not far. A stone’s throw — well maybe a sling shot — away. Our new address is 17 East Genesee Street in Auburn. We’re on the fourth floor, but there’s an elevator. Starting Monday, June 13, that’s where you’ll find us.

Same phone and fax. Still in lovely Auburn, New York. Still handling all types of New York personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Same four “super” lawyers. Same great staff. Same great service, and we expect the same great results.

Why are we moving? More efficient space, better parking, better location. The old office, an 1830’s home, was charming with its high ceilings, thick molding, faux marble fireplaces, and so on. And we’d been there for about 25 years. But, those heating bills were killing us, maintenance was tough to keep up with, and the space was very inefficient.

Moving has side benefits. It makes you shed years of accumulated junk. It makes you leaner and meaner. It makes you rethink efficiency and use of space. And it brings the whole “team” together — lawyers, staff, technology providers — into the collective enterprise of relocating.

Come see us in our new digs! But wait a few days — unless you don’t mind a mess! Actually, come sooner. You can help us unpack some boxes!

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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Michael G. Bersani, Esq.
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