Kid on Skateboard Hit by Car in Syracuse Serves as Reminder to Drivers to Avoid Striking Children This Summer

I read in the Syracuse Post Standard today that a 10-year-old skateboarder was hit by a car, and ended up pinned under it, at the intersection of Jasper Street and Highland Street in Syracuse. Firefighters had to jack up the car to free the unfortunate boarder. Fortunately, he suffered only a broken arm and some scrapes, which were treated at Upstate University Hospital. The experience must have been horrific, though. Imagine being stuck under a car!

As a Syracuse New York automobile accident lawyer, I have represented the parents of child-pedestrians with far worse injuries, including death. Nothing is harder for me than representing grieving or worried parents whose kids have been hurt or killed.

This recent Syracuse car-on-pedestrian (after all, a skateboarder is just a pedestrian on wheels!) collision should serve as a reminder to all motorists that “school’s out for summer” and this means more kids, all day long, running, biking and skate-boarding around on our City streets. During the school year, car-on-child pedestrian accidents are “clustered” between 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., but during the summer months children are struck by cars all day long, even into the long, light-enhanced evenings.

Please keep a special lookout for kids this summer.

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