Motorcyle Accidents Rain on Western New York

When it rains it pours. And this week a storm of motorcycle accidents moved into Western New York State.

Case in point: A Cattaraugus man was killed Saturday night after he struck a ditch and was thrown from the bike. He was air-lifted by Mercy Flight to Erie County Medical Center, but died there from his injuries.

Earlier that same day, a motorcycle crashed in the 900 block of Sweeney Street in Buffalo killing the driver and injuring a passenger.

There were other motorcycle accidents in the Buffalo area as well this week. For example, a Lancaster man crashed his bike into van on Bowen Road near Rice Road in Elma after the van turned left into a driveway without yielding to the motorcycle. Also, a Perrysburg man suffered a motorcycle injury Friday on Allegany Road near Silver Creek.

If you own and ride a bike, I don’t need to tell you what I have learned through my years of experience as a Central New York motorcycle accident lawyer; you need to be careful. Our New York State roadways provide miles of unsurpassable riding pleasure strewn with undeniable riding danger. Watch out for that guy who is not watching out for you (like that van driver above who turned left into a driveway, cut off the cyclist, violating his right of way). And keep your bike under control at all times (most of the accidents above were the motorcyclists’ fault).

If you do get hurt on your bike, call a lawyer experienced in New York motorcycle crash cases. The scene needs to be examined promptly for skid marks and other evidence. Insurance carriers need to be put on notice of claims. You should worry about getting better. You don’t need to worry about all those insurance and legal issues. That’s your New York motorcycle accident lawyer’s job.

Be safe and do everything you can to avoid an accident. But if it happens to you, worry about getting better, and let your motorcycle accident lawyer worry about the rest.

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