Pit Bull Dog Attacks; Will Victims Get Compensation?

Police say that two pit bulls chased and bit a mail deliverer today in Schenectady. But that’s not big news. Dogs attack postal workers somewhere everyday. What gives this story more “bite” is that three pit bulls attached a woman in the same City, Schenectady, earlier in the week. Pit bulls are clearly “in the pits” in Schenectady these days.

For the sake of both these victims of dog attacks, I hope the dog owners’ homeowners’ insurance policies do not contain the “dog exclusion” I blogged about the other day. Some insurance policies exclude coverage only for aggressive breeds such as pit bulls, others exclude coverage for all dogs, but better homeowners’ policies don’t exclude dogs at all.

Take it from me, a New York dog bite lawyer. Dog exclusions are evil! They leave dog bite victims with no insurance money to compensate them for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. The dog bite victim then has only two options: walk away and lick his or her wounds without the benefit of any compensation, or else sue the dog owner for compensation from his or her personal assets.

Check your homeowners’ insurance policy to make sure it does not exclude injuries caused by your dog. If it does, call your insurance agent and see if he can find you a comparable insurance policy that protects you if your dog bites someone.

Keep safe!

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