Recent Syracuse Truck Accident Caused By Faulty Brakes, Or Course.

The tractor trailer driver knew he was in trouble. He was blearing his horn as his tractor trailer careened out of control down the West Seneca Turnpike hill the other day in Syracuse. The brakes on the truck had failed. Six vehicle collisions later, three people were taken to the Community General and Upstate University hospitals with, fortunately, non-life threatening injuries.

Too many tractor trailer air-brake failures have taken too many lives. Faulty brakes contribute to about a third of all truck crashes in the United States. Very few trucks on the road are checked for brakes as well or as often as they should be. Brake inspections require time and labor, and trucking companies often choose not to spend the time and money doing them.

In other words, truckers and trucking companies cut corners to reap bigger profits, putting all of us at risk.

This West Senecca Turnpike disaster is the end result of such selfish decision making by truckers. Yesterday a DOT inspection of the truck found – surprise, surprise – that it had inadequate brakes, which was determined to be the cause of the crash.

And they wonder why New York truck accident lawyers love to sue them!

Keep safe!

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