Syracuse Area Motorcycle / Truck Collision Case Is a “Slam Dunk”; Truck Driver “Failed to See” Motorcycle

As a Syracuse motorcycle accident lawyer, I can’t help but notice all the recent Central New York motorcycle accidents reported in our local press. There’s been about one every other day for the past two weeks. And the same pattern keeps repeating itself; the driver of a car or truck strikes or cuts off a bike because he just doesn’t “see” it.

In a recent blog I talked about how motorcycles are invisible to other motorists, and how bikers need to adjust their driving accordingly.

Here’s the facts about the latest Central New York motorcycle / motor vehicle collision: This morning a couple was injured on Route 298 (Collamer Road) at about 10:00 a.m. in the Town of DeWitt when their motorcycle was struck by a Ryder truck that pulled out of a cemetery driveway and crossed the motorcycle’s lane of travel. The driver of the Ryder truck admitted to police that he “did not see the motorcycle”.

For a New York motorcycle accident lawyer, that statement is precious; it proves the case. And the case is a “slam dunk” not only against the driver/renter of the Ryder truck, but also against Ryder System, Inc., the Florida corporation that owns Ryder trucks.

Why is Ryder liable? Because under New York motor vehicle accident law, the owner of a motor vehicle is vicariously liable for the negligence of the driver. They are both equally liable!

This is good news for our injured bikers because their injuries will be covered by a “deep pocket” defendant; Ryder System, Inc. Even if the Ryder truck driver has a very small auto insurance policy, the motorcyclists should be fully compensated for their lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering from Ryder System, inc. or its insurer. There will be plenty of money to bring full justice to these innocent, but “invisible”, bikers.

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