When Man Tries To Kill Mom With SUV, Does Auto Insurance Cover it?

I read recently about the case of a man charged with attempting to murder his mom by ramming her with his SUV as she sat in her living room. He ran it right through the wall. Why? Apparently he had a financial dispute with her. In my humble opinion, that’s a pretty lame excuse for murdering your mother. And geez, the weapon he chose was pretty bizarre, too.

The guy obviously has a screw loose, or more likely a brain full of loose screws.

The mother, of Mamakating, in Sullivan County, NY, ended up in the hospital with severe injuries. The son/driver, of Bloomingburg, NY, was charged with several crimes, including second-degree attempted murder. (Shouldn’t there be a separate and more severe charge for attempted mom murder?)

Horrible story. But it brings up an interesting issue: Will the SUV’s auto insurance cover mom’s injuries? After all, auto insurance covers auto accidents, right? And this was one hell of an “accident”, right?

Wrong. It wasn’t an “accident”. It was an assault with a vehicle. Car insurance covers only “accidents”, not vehicular assault. If you deliberately cause an accident, that’s no accident, and you have no insurance.

So think twice before you try to run your mom over. You’ll go to jail, and you won’t have any insurance either.

Keep (mom) safe!

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