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Just read in the Finger Lakes times that a bicyclist was rear-ended on Townline Road in Gorham, Ontario County yesterday evening. The at-fault driver sped off and left the cyclist down and injured. Unacceptable! What a jerk! Deputies are asking anyone with information to call the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office at (585) 394-4560. If you […]

News reports say that a driver carrying 3 passengers in Sennett crashed after swerving to avoid a deer. A 27-year-old Auburn female passenger was killed and four others were injured in the collision. The car struck a culvert, rolled over several times, and ejected three of the passengers. It seems that all of the passengers […]

When I blogged yesterday about the Syracuse New York bicycle Accident case in which the bicyclist was abandoned at the scene with severe brain damage by a hit-and-run driver, I forgot to mention something that all New York bicyclists should keep in mind. No, it is not another safety tip. It is an insurance tip. […]

How can you read a story like this and not want to weep? The Post-Standard reports that a couple and their 4-year old son were returning home via Route 31 in Elbridge, New York Saturday evening when their Chrystler PT Cruiser left the road and hit a tree, killing the father-passenger, leaving the mother-driver in […]

Sadly, seriously injured victims of motor vehicle crashes in upstate New York are often surprised to learn that neither the negligent driver nor the owner of the at-fault car had purchased sufficient “liability” insurance to fully compensate them for their pain and suffering and other losses. Why? In the Syracuse area and in all of […]

New York State lawmakers and Governor Cuomo just delivered New Yorkers a Christmas present.  Today Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (SUM) bill, also known as the “Driver and Family Protection Act.” This important piece of legislation will protect New Yorkers statewide who are involved in auto accidents. I know what […]

There is likely a big problem with your auto insurance.  So big, so problematic, that our legislature is attempting to fix it.  But you can fix your insurance right now, with just a phone call. But before you make that call, you have to understand the problem and a few things about New York auto […]

I know it seems strange that auto insurance can protect you while you are on your bicycle, but believe me, it really does.  To be precise, there are four ways NY auto insurance can protect you if you are struck by an automobile while on your bike. First, New York’s so-called “No-Fault Law”, a/k/a Mandatory […]

Just read an article in the New York Times titled, “How to Know if You Have Enough Auto Insurance“. The article gave some interesting statistics: Nationally, the average jury award for motor vehicle accident injuries is $181,197, and about 5 percent of car accident injury claims in 2010 were for more than $100,000 while only […]

A recent hit-and-run driver case in the Geneva NY area has some people wondering whether a downed cyclist or pedestrian will get more insurance compensation if the guilty hit-and-run driver is caught. The answer is probably not. Why? First, in my experience representing Central New bicyclists and pedestrians in hit-and-run cases, hit-and-run drivers usually carry […]

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