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Maybe you can, but I can’t. I can’t do it. I can’t get on my road bike without thinking, at least a little bit, about getting injured or killed on it. That’s probably because, as a Central and Syracuse New York bicycle accident lawyer, I see some pretty nasty bike injuries, and worse, all the […]

Most people I represent in Central New York auto accident cases have made a big mistake. (No, it’s not hiring me, really!). They did not buy the right insurance. I blog on this subject in the hopes that some of my readers will avoid this mistake. Let me explain. I represent victims of car, truck […]

This Central New York car accident attorney must once again report a tragic car crash in the area. As usual, I will report the facts, and then discuss the legal ramifications. Here’s what happened: According to the Geneva Finger Lakes Times, a three-vehicle crash ocurred across from Seneca Lake State Park on Routes 5/20 in […]

One thing I love about my job as a New York personal injury lawyer is that I am always learning new things. A novel personal injury case walks in my door and I say, “wow, I didn’t know that could happen”!  But then I research it and find out that not only does it happen, […]

  I took in yet another boating accident case the other day.  In many ways, it was a typical Finger Lakes boating accident that boating injury lawyers are bound to come across from time to time:  Unbeknownst to the boat operator who had been drinking and was on his cell phone chatting, two of his […]

Most New York State counties, including Monroe, Onondaga, and all the counties in between, have a law on their books which allows the county public health commissioner to issue an order for involuntary isolation if an individual disobeys a quarantine request and is believed to be an immediate threat to public health.  And the counties […]

As I write this blog, the roads in Syracuse, New York and surrounding areas are deadly.  Sleet and freezing rain have been falling all day .  The roads are frozen.  My driveway in Geneva, NY is an ice skating rink.  My windshield had a thick shell of ice covering it before I rolled it into […]

I am a resident of Geneva, NY, and a personal injury lawyer with experience in “toxic torts”.  I have been following closely the developments regarding the high lead and arsenic levels in the area surrounding the old foundry in Geneva. It is a sad, unfortunate mess.  I feel deeply for the foundry neighbors, especially those […]

I blogged just the other day about four ways auto insurance can protect you if you are hit by a car while on your bicycle.  Actually, there is a fifth way I did not tell you about.  Here it is:   Hit-and-run insurance, a/k/a “uninsured motorist” coverage. It’s pretty unusual for one motor vehicle to strike […]

Just the other day I blogged about a soon expected explosion in drone injury lawsuits. To summarize, this December, those drones look lovely all wrapped up under the Christmas tree, but soon they will take to our skies.  And fall from those skies.  Fall on things.  And on people. If sales projections are accurate, tens […]

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